Welcome to JackZ's bowling site

Still a work in progress, but it's coming...sounds like my bowling. Speaking of which, here's some some things I find helpful and some video of me.

This is Joe Slowinsky's site. He's got some amazing knowledge---Bowling Knowledge

One of the most knowledgeable coaches in the game---Ron Clifton's Bowling Articles

Try some tips by Norm Duke, Brian Voss, Bill Hall, and Mike machuga ---Next level Bowling

This is Richie V's site. He has a lot of great bowling links---The Tenth Board

This is a Forum where you can gain valuable info about bowling---Bowling Community Forums

This is another Forum where you can gain lots of info about bowling---Bowling Boards

This site has a grit comparison chart for those who like to do their own resurfacing, all the ball reviews from Bowling This Month(2001 to 3/2010) and other helpful bowling downloads--- Downloads

This is a great site for bowling info...even has instructions for figuring mph, rev rate, and number of revs--- bowlspot.com

How does a ball rotate? --- Axis Rotation

Here's something to determine the size and depth of a weight hole. If they don't already have it, your pro shop might be interested ---Weight holes

Here's a sheet about axis tilt....need it?....don't need it?---Tilt

Here's a sheet showing a thumb wedge to prove to yourself ...Yes, you are squeezing.---Wedge

Are your pitches right for you?---Pitch

Is your span right for you?---Span

A sheet to record practice sessions---Log

Follow my bowling exploits!---Journal

Here's a bowling video taken on 12/01/09 (an improvement from my 11/25 vids)--- 12/01/09 Video

Here's another video from 3/8/10...getting better---3/8/10 Video

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