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My Bowling Journal




Got a 2 game session in. Stomach still isnít up to par. I tried to work with Aulbyís method of working from the inside of the ball but it got weird. I can throw the ball dead straight, but I canít control hook on a semi-dry lane. Both balls were skidding for 40 feet and then going nuts. I did throw 1 shot that I was happy with. I targeted farther than the arrows and looked at the breakpointÖand managed to release it smoothly. It didnít strike, but showed my options.




Lost some time there. 7 days in the hospital with Verticulitus. Recovering, and preparing for next practice. I know it wonít go well, as I lost weight and muscle. Work to do;)




Last night of bowling. Used the Freak for 2 games and got dismal results. Still have trouble reading the reaction. Switched to the TS and had no luck till the 6th frame when I moved way inside and shot way outside with a lot of turn. Skid, roll, hook. 5 in a row, 9 spare for a 208. Iíll have to work more with the swing, but it seems I have to move way deep to find oil, and throw way out to get reaction. Iíll try and find a better shot for next year;)



I got 2 hours of practice in. Most of it was practicing opening and closing the shoulder. I did finally watch ball reaction throughout the whole lane and was shocked that I could actually see transition once I moved into the oil. I just used the Freak as the TS seemed too tight on my thumb.



I removed the polish and took the TS down to 1000. I used the 15# Freak for most of the 7 games. Some good looking shots but nothing to write here about. The TS behaved better and when I quit messing with trying out new stuff and concentrated on opening the shoulder, I did fine. The balance arm went toward the mark, the torso acted as a hinge, the swing shoulder went back and then forward in an elongated pattern, which gave me some more speed. I like itÖjust need to practice it.




I polished the TS and the Beast with Ebonite Magic Shine and headed over to the lanes for league. Ball reaction was erratic, and so was the guy throwing. But! On a good note I worked on opening the shoulder and pointing the balance arm toward the mark all evening. Backswing was higher, speed was up, ball was skidding. Now I understand why folks consider the TS to be weak. Iím going to shine the Raging Inferno and take that with me Sunday for practice. Itís 15#(the TS is 14)and I want to see if I can throw 15 without breaking the wrist or losing too much speed.





Another 2 hour practice.Frustrating, because I found little to work with. The Tropical Storm hooked too much and the Red Pearl hammer had no backend to it. The only thing I can think of is to shine the Tropical even more (itís at 1500, sandpaper only) with polish. The Hammer should stay home and rest. Iíll try shining the Beast urethane and see if I can get anything out of it. Hereís to Friday, my last regular league night. Iíd like to leave with 1 600 this year.





I started practice working inside, practicing opening and closing the shoulder. My results were sketchy at best. I had thought I could learn the inside. The farther inside Iíve moved, the funnier it felt. Others said it would feel strange not being in my comfort zone. It dawned on me I havenít been in my comfort zone for 20 years. Although I can shoot inside, itís myÖletís seeÖit would have to be my E game. It's finally dawning on me....I'm left-handed. What happens on the right side is totally different than what I'd ever see. and I'm taking advice from some really good right handers. They know as much about the left matter how well I describe it, as I do about the right side. There's a reason I don't give advice to my teammates. What works in Georgia....don't work in Oklahoma.


After several frustrating shots, I tore off my wristband and moved farther outside. It felt better. I stood 20 Ė 25 and shot5 Ė 10. . My eventual goal is to find a ball and speed that I can go straight up with. Since I didnít carry inside, maybe I can update my outside and have an A game again. I also changed my delivery to the old outside the ball, fixed position, snap on release. On Wednesday,Iím going to practice again. Iím going to shoot without the wristband and experiment with wrist angles. I want skid, skid, and more skid. (Something I havenít seen in a while). One thing you donít see much ofthese days is slide, roll, hook. Not the modern skid-snap. Iím bringing it back! WaitÖ.Iím channeling Justin TimberlakeÖ.but Iíve always found that kind of shot sexy. <g>



More later